The List Of Occupational Therapy Side Hustles

Are you an occupational therapist looking to increase your income by picking up a side hustle? You came to the right place. These days, it seems like everyone has some sort of side hustle going on.  Side hustles can range […]

The List Of Side Hustles For Occupational Therapists

The List Of Physical Therapy Side Hustles

Welcome to year 2022, where it seems like everyone you know is working some sort of side hustle. Some of these jobs are hobbies turned into a means of making a few extra dollars while others can be lucrative enough […]

Several piles of money

A Part-Time Physical Therapy Program Lecturer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Luke Snyder, who works as a part-time lecturer for a physical therapy (DPT) program. In this interview, he discusses why he became a physical therapist, how he leverages his physical therapy degree to work both […]

Luke Snyder

A Physical Therapist and LEGO Ambassador

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kat Sipe, a physical therapist who has the very cool role of working as a LEGO Ambassador! She shares how she got started as a LEGO ambassador, how she draws on her background as a […]

Kat Sipe LEGO Physical Therapist