A Physical Therapist and LEGO Ambassador

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kat Sipe, a physical therapist who has the very cool role of working as a LEGO Ambassador! She shares how she got started as a LEGO ambassador, how she draws on her background as a […]

Kat Sipe LEGO Physical Therapist

Working As An Army Occupational Therapist

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna Babcock, who has the unique experience working as an occupational therapist for the army. She provides valuable insight on topics including how you can become a therapist for the army, how this may […]

Army OT

Career Change: DPT to MBA

Are you a physical therapist who is interested in changing careers? I had the pleasure of interviewing Fei Jiang, who changed careers from being a physical therapist.  Many physical therapists graduate with a great deal of student loan debt. Desperate […]


Is A Physical Therapy Residency Right For Me?

Since I have graduated from a neurologic physical therapy residency program and subsequently obtained a specialty board certification, I’m often asked if I would recommend pursuing a physical therapy residency program. To best answer this, the question needs to be […]

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