3 Types Of Insurance For PTs/OTs

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you probably need some form of insurance. The job of an insurance policy is to protect you from financial catastrophe if something unexpected were to happen. There are different types of insurance to protect you against […]

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Questions From Readers

Hey Money Mobilizers, Today I’m changing things up a bit. I’ve been receiving lots of great questions from Money Mobilizer readers like you from all over the country. Connecting with and helping physical therapists, occupational therapists and students from areas […]

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Choosing The Best PT/OT Malpractice Insurance For You

Physical therapists and occupational therapists frequently ask me which company they should purchase a professional liability insurance (also called malpractice insurance) policy.  When I hear this question, my first thought is that I am glad that they have decided to […]

Malpractice Insurance